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Business Strategy & Growth Experts

We have zero interest in bombarding you with technical stuff and marketing agency jargon.

Even we get bored talking about those bits. Unless you want us to.

We keep things simple with one question – how can we help your business grow?  

Whether that means more customers, more traffic, more sales, more revenue, sending more people from Google to your high street store, standing out from your competition or just making sure your website looks and works as it should.

Here’s a taster of what we do for our clients in North Devon and across the UK…

Business Consulting

Need a plan to get started, or to gain a clearer understanding of where you're headed and where you want to be? We can help. We've carried out sales and marketing audits and built action plans for businesses of all sizes.

Business Development

Want to smash open new routes to market, work with new partners or find new places to promote and sell your products or services online? We work with businesses of all sizes to help them unlock new opportunities.

Websites & Sales

Need a new website, to improve your current one, gain more traffic, an ecommerce strategy or help selling your product or service on marketplaces? We cover it all.

Content Creation

One of the most important elements of sales and digital marketing. We create fresh, unique written, video and audio content plans to bring you new customers, tell your story and ensure your brand stands out.

Social Media & PR

Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, national press and local publications; we work with them all to build brand awareness and engage with customers in your target market.


A classic digital marketing agency acronym. Basically means ensuring your brand is seen in Google search results by making your website easy to find and useful. Need some advice or a plan? We've got you.

Speak to a real human

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How we help businesses grow

With over 25 years experience in strategy, sales, marketing and ecommerce, we help UK businesses succeed online.

What do you need?

More customers? More sales? A business or marketing plan?

A way to sell your products online? Help with social media? Help being found on Google?

Or just for people to know you even exist?

This is what we do, and what we’ve done for businesses here on the coast of North Devon, UK and all over the country.

Whether it’s putting your business online for the first time, generating more sales, promoting your brand with social media, creating content, website advice, appearing in Google searches or just an informal chat about how to help more customers find you online, we’re happy to help – contact us here.

And if you’re not quite ready to get in touch, have a read through some of the free ideas, guides and tips here on this very site to help market and promote your business to your perfect customer.

Guy looking at his phone next to his skateboard

On a mission to help UK businesses grow.

I get it, but who are you?

I’m James and my online journey started in 1998 when I built my first online business with a friend and made money from it by creating content and selling sponsorship and advertising space to brands.

Since then, I’ve worked with brands and businesses including EE, Apple, Mozillion, Samsung, Channel 4 and the BBC across online, retail and television.

Even though the tech, tools and needs of customers have evolved, the core pillars that underpinned my work in the late 90s remain in place for all the sales, marketing and strategy work we do now:

1. Be easy to deal with

2. Provide value

3. Be visible

4. Make it clear and efficient

5. Have fun doing it

6. There is always a way

I’ve worked with clients of all sizes in a variety of industries including mobile telecoms, consumer tech, utilities, retail, TV and film with a particular focus on business strategy, sales, marketing and revenue generation.

If you’d like an informal chat on the phone, video call or to meet in the pub or your local café to talk about how THANKS can help you, please get in touch.

Thanks for stopping by.

Director & Business Advisor

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