45% of Consumers Use Their Phones For Online Shopping at Least Once a Day

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Two hands holding a mobile phone that has an online fashion shop on the screen

That’s 2 in 5 of your potential customers using their phones every day to shop online.

Research from YouGov, which studies the behaviour of shoppers around the world, has shown that people are using their phones all the time for shopping online. Now this may seem pretty obvious but the high figure of 45% means it’s never been more important to ensure your own website works on a mobile phone.

In the UK, that figure is slightly lower at 38% but that’s still nearly 2 in 5 Brits.

Daily mobile shopping is particularly popular in APAC markets (51%), with Thailand (56%), Singapore (55%), Malaysia (54%) and China (54%) showing the highest levels of engagement globally. Japan, however, is the least likely APAC market to participate in daily mobile shopping (24%).   May be that’s because they have such cool shops on the streets on Tokyo.

In the Americas, 40% of respondents in Mexico, 33% in the US and 29% in Canada say they shop online with their phones every day.

Mobile shopping on a daily basis  in Europe is highest in Romania (44%), Italy (41%), Ireland (41%), the Netherlands (40%), and Spain (40%). By comparison, Switzerland, France and Belgium are the least likely European countries to say they shop online with their phones every day.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE lead the MENA region in mobile ecommerce with 42% of respondents in each market saying they shop on their phones on a daily basis.

Can they see your website on a mobile?

With so many mobile phone users, it’s worth checking if you website can be seen on a smartphone. Yes, it may load but is it easy to navigate, is the layout professional, can users find the menu button?

Websites viewed on a mobile phone will look different to how they look on a desktop or tablet.

A well built website will be responsive so it’s compatible with as many different screen sizes as possible.

If customers can’t view you website, they leave and many times don’t come back.

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