Your Reputation Is Your Best Form Of Marketing

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Have a great reputation and it could be all the marketing your business needs We are bombarded nowadays with different methods and tactics for promoting our businesses, brands, products and services.  From basic blogging and door-to-door leafleting to social media, video, TikTok and podcasts – many marketing agencies and experts will tell you that you […]

45% of Consumers Use Their Phones For Online Shopping at Least Once a Day

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That’s 2 in 5 of your potential customers using their phones every day to shop online. Research from YouGov, which studies the behaviour of shoppers around the world, has shown that people are using their phones all the time for shopping online. Now this may seem pretty obvious but the high figure of 45% means […]

How Facebook Groups Can Grow Your Business

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Facebook Groups can get more engagement that boring old business pages. More engagement = more potential customers. If you’re a Facebook user, chances are your either a member of or have been invited to be a member of a Facebook Group. Groups are communities of Facebook users created to discuss a specific topic – there […]

Direct versus Indirect Sales | Why Brands Need Both

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Brands love to be as close to their end users as possible, and that’s understandable, but don’t limit the important element many customers want when shopping…choice. Working in sales and marketing for over 20 years has given me insight into the way different brands and businesses manage their various sales channels depending on their objective […]

If You Struggle With Getting Stuff Done, Try The Power List

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So simple but probably the single most effective productivity tip I’ve ever heard. To Do List apps – I’ve tried them all. They even become a regular pub discussion point with one of my business partners – “have you tried x, I’m loving y, I’ve just stopped using z”. But every time – and I […]

Why You Should Make Audio & Voice Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

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From Podcasts to Clubhouse to Amazon Alexa, audio can play a big role in your business marketing plan, here’s how. When the internet really started to scale in the the mid-90s and businesses were looking for online marketing opportunities, there were limited options – build a website, build an email marketing list and perhaps pay […]

Instagram: Essential Tips For Marketing Your Business

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Try these essential tips if you’re just getting started with Instagram marketing Instagram is a brilliant visual medium for businesses, the whole platform is built around sharing photo and video content with people that have a shared in interest in a particular topic, theme, interest or hobby. Even if you have chosen to stay away […]